Address input autocomplete with optional "current location"

I would like the user to be able to enter a location for a place or use their current location (for ease of use and accuracy).

My current solution is to ask for address or current location and then have a IF/Then field that takes the coordinates or the address and use that.

However, this has some issues:

  • I have to leave both fields as not-required and therefore can’t validate that they entered an address
  • Picking current location does not show human-readable feedback so they can see it worked
  • If there is an issue with getting the users current location, I am not even sure what would happen with this design. For example, what happens if they denied location permissions?

Agree with all of your points as I faced this before. Regarding this, Glide said yesterday in a thread they’re working on an appropriate message for this.


Awesome! Thanks for letting me know :grinning:

It’s here, for your information.

Adding link to feature request if anyone wants to vote on this :wink:

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