Personalising data to appear in Layout

How come some of my columns (Modality Family) don’t appear as an option to include in the layout interface?

Separately, I’d like for the below options to be clickable to then display a list of people who offer each therapy. Any suggestions of how to?

It looks like it’s formatted as an array column. Do you use Google Sheets/Airtable as backend? You can use a joined list column to join the text elements in the array together for displaying purposes.

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I use Airtable for the background.
Is there no way to display multiple fields separately?

The root cause is your “Modality family” column is interpreted as an array. As I said above, you can use a joined list column to join the values of that array together, and display that in a text component.

You can’t achieve the “pills” look as the data view shows, for the app interface.