Can't display an Text Array Column in List View / Detail Screen

when learning Glide Apps and the use of Array Columns, I’m sure I’m making a very simple beginner’s mistake …

Task: Create an app that shows the members of an organization, based on a simple table. The List View should show the organization (Top Gun) and the first and last name of the members (pilots). In the table there is one column for the first name and one column for the last name. So I add an array Column in which first and last name are contained.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-18 um 11.14.52

Problem: I can’t display this array Column neither in List View nor in Detail View. It is not visible in the selection.

Rookie error … ?
Thanks for your hints :slight_smile:

Hi @KHP,

I’m not fully sure but I guess you can point Make Array column on the Image section. What you can do is create a template column instead of the Make Array column and combine the first name and last name in that template column and display that template column!

Or you can use Join Text column that points to the Make Array column and display that Join Text column!

Thank you

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This is it … a template column is doing the job:

And I can pick the template column in the Edit List:

Thanks @Dilon_Perera

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I could not find information on this column … maby it changed the name or does not exist anymore?

THX @Dilon_Perera

It’s been hidden :wink:
If you use the column search when adding a column, you’ll find it.

Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 6.59.16 PM


You can find it on Other section on bottom :


This is also working great, thanks guys.

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