Personal plan or team plan?

What does a personal plan mean as a difference from a team plan? Could someone describe how to get started with both in the glide?

We don’t have personal plans and team plans, so I am not sure what you’re talking about.

If you have a very old Glide account, you may not see a Members page in your account, in which case you have a legacy account that cannot contain additional members. But most accounts and all new accounts are team accounts and can add members.

I got answers like this in the past that I don’t understand?
Minä: “I would like to try the glide with all the features so I know what to do with it” ?
Your expert: “You can try app in the personal plan. …In order to test, you can use the personal plan to build and test your apps”. What is meanty by this ?

Could you check my account so it is nothing old?

The Personal plan is the same thing as the free version of your app. Here is our pricing:

The prices are per app.

Hi please specify: Does that price mean that if I buy an annual license I can only make one application with it ??? Then when I start making another small app, will I buy an annual license again …etc ?

Hi @mandat

Yes! Each app has its own Pro Plan.

1 pro plan = 1 app.

Yes now it needs to be clarified? So if I pay an annual fee (480e / year) and get the app completed in one week then I can’t start a new app for the same price but have to buy a new annual license (480e/v) or …? This was quite a surprise! How does that define what is 1 app?

If you want pro features in an app, then that app has to be subscribed to a pro plan at the monthly or yearly subscription price. If you cancel the subscription, then the app reverts to a free plan and you lose all pro features.

The subscription does not determine the ability to build an app. If you build the app in a week, you still need to pay if you want to use all of the pro features. Each subscription is per app to use the app with pro features that are not available in the free version. It’s not for the ability to use the glide builder to build the app.


You can build as many apps as you want for free. We charge for hosting your apps.

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I thought that annual fee is like an annual license like cad apps, for example? I need to figure out for myself how that arrangement works ?? I would have been interested in buying a Pro license, but is it a bit difficult?

  1. Log in to Glide> open your own app> go to upgrade> open “Upgrade your A Real Estate! App”> prices are: Basic App 12e, Pro App 32e and Private ProApp 40e? These now seem to be application specific see. picture?
  2. If I don’t log in but go directly to Pricing • Glide then the prices will appear: Personal App Free, Pro App 32e, Private App 40e and Enterprise Apps Contact Us ??? Are these also application specific, except the first one that lacks key features ?? What if I pay a 1 month fee and get the app completed in a week will you refund in three weeks? If I cancel, what happens to an app I may have resold / resold? So I’m stuck with that monthly fee all the time ??? This arrangement is probably suitable for companies, but not for enthusiasts? Those pricing arrangements should be shared with more enthusiasts / professionals in mind?

These terms and conditions of the applications sold should always specify what each condition means, they are for a beginner who does not yet know how to operate the program too difficult e.g. “10 Pins per map”? Especially if I go to your homepage, click “Start” and start making the app so the harsh reality will emerge later?
Please help a little now if this starts to work out?
I’m just trying to figure out how this process works so then I can build an application, what feels easy after that?
Do you have anyone who speaks Finnish?

You are paying for glide to host the app and give you pro features. You are paying for the app. The builder is free. If you don’t plan to use anything more than the free features, then you don’t have to pay anything (even though it still has a cost to glide), but if you want your app to have pro features and pro row limits and pro sheet edits, etc. Then you will have to pay for those features for as long as you want them to be available in your app. If you build your app in a week, then unsubscribe, then your app will revert to the free version with all of the limits of the free version.

The price you see in the app builder vs the glide page is the same pricing. It’s per app.