Permisos de Usuarios

Good morning, I am making an employee entry application, the records are made by the supervisors.
But I would like the supervisors not to be able to delete or edit the data of the other users, but they can see them.
As well as if you can edit or delete your own data.
I have managed to prevent them from being able to edit them but the records of others also disappear and I need everyone to be able to see them.

You can help me?

As long as you put some information in the employee table that identifies who created the row, then you can set a condition on the Edit action to only show if the signed in user is the same user that created the row.

You could automatically write the user email to a supervisor email column when the row is added Then check if the supervisor email is the same as the signed in user. If it is, then you can allow editing on the record.

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