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So I’m almost done creating my app with the help of you all in this community. I have 1 last question and it pertains to that pesky little “edit pencil” that seems to disappear randomly. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? This happens on my “Profile” sheet when the onboarding process takes place after a person signs in for the first time. I know this is an easy fix.

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For the case in your screen shot it’s easy to explain.
You are viewing as “Anyone”, and “Anyone” doesn’t have a User Profile row, so there is nothing to edit :slight_smile:

If it’s happening to your signed in users, that’s a different matter. What are you currently doing to ensure that each user is editing the correct row? (ie. their own)

Well, I tested it out on my phone…so I signed in with a new email address that takes me to the profile tab…and there’s no pencil to get started. Should I add a form button instead? My Profile tab has a filter on it to view as signed in user. And I have a RowID. I was under the assumption that once they sign in, it adds their email address to the sheet…therefore no longer rendering things as “empty”

Can you show me a screen shot of your Profile Tab filter condition, as well as your User Profiles table?

I had a few other people test it out, and they had a pencil to get started. Now I don’t see it anymore.

I think Darren would tell you the following.

  • For your pencil issue, remove the filter “User name is not empty”.

  • Not related to your pencil issue but worth considering. The way your Profiles table is set up, your user data is potentially available to all of your users, the data is downloaded to all of their devices. It is like your user profile data is “public”. This is maybe your intention. But if not and if you want user data to be secure and private, you can apply row ownership to the email column.

Now let’s see what Darren actually recommends :slightly_smiling_face:



With the current filter conditions, that signed in users row is filtered out, so again - there is nothing to edit.

That would remove the need for filters, but yes it depends on whether security of user data is a concern or not.

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Security is definitely an issue. I see what you mean about the filter causing there to be nothing to edit. So in this case bc I have other sheets that relate to the profile sheet where the user adds income info to a tab, would I need to add row owner on those sheets as well? Or does adding row owner to the Profile sheet trickle to the other sheets that i have pulled in the user’s profile email? (I hope I’m making sense). And making those adjustments fixed the "pencil issue’ btw. Thank you both :partying_face:

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No, Row Owners only affect the table they are applied to.

If you’re doing that via a relation + lookup (or using any other computed method), then that can’t be used as a row owner column.

Essentially, for every table that you want protected by Row Owners, you’ll need a non-computed column to use as a Row Owner, and you’ll need to populate that column as each row is created. The usual way to do this is by using the special “Users Email Address” value.

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Awesome! That’s how I pulled in those emails. I used the special “Users Email Address”, but now I need to go back and secure those tables by adding Row Owners to the email columns. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way about the relation and lookup…bc that is initially how I retrieved the emails. I also learned that you can’t use those features in a Math Column to calculate anything either…lol. A lot of trial and error is how I’ve been learning. Ha! Thank you both soooo much. :tada:

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If you are talking about a Lookup column in a Math column…yes, you can use it, but it can’t be an array. Only single values can be used instead of an array. The Relation feeding The Lookup needs to be a single relation instead of a multiple relation.


Ohhh, ok…I didn’t know that. I was trying to use an array…but that’s good to know that it can calculate from a single value. And i’m glad you cleared that up about the Lookup bc I was almost certain it could do multiple relations. I was trying to create a chart, and realized it only reads vertically in Glide, and my labels and calculations were built horizontally, so I had to go into Googlesheets and rearrange the rows to feed into a separate sheet to read vertically. I gave up and used…which was much easier. But I still needed the chart to change with each transaction the user imputed. So I just added multiple columns to hold separate values and display the chart as those values were filled in. I’m sure there was an easier solution, but I’m still learning Glide and it’s features. And for now, what I did works…so for now, l’m happy with it…lol


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