Peer review

Hi. I am looking to create a digital journal for an online class. Each student needs to respond to open-ended questions throughout the class. Some of these questions need the option to view x number of other student responses to the same question. This lets a student compare their answer to other student responses and to provide feedback for other students. Is it possible to do something like this in Glide? If so, does anyone know if there is a starting template that I might be able to build upon to develop the concept out?

Hello Stephanie,

I can help you with that. You would need to have in your google sheet :

  • A sheet with your students (user) informations

  • A sheet with the different dates of your digital journal

  • A sheet for each questions you want to ask to your student

  • A sheet for the answers of your students

If you share a google sheet like that i can make you a quick template so that you can start your project.


Thank you Marco for offering to help! I will setup a Google sheet as you’ve noted and share that with you today. Thanks again!