Column is user specific Glidetabele connect with Googlesheets

I have created an app with glidetables.
When I found out that ChatGPT could be built into Glide, I wanted to add the feature to my app.

The ChatGPT addin is for google sheets.
The user table is on GlideTables.

Everything works fine except that I can’t set the ChatGPT response to be user specific.
That is, all users see the answer to another user’s question.

Is there a way to make ChatGPT’s answer from the googlesheet user-specific?

That’s how it’s set up at the moment:
The question is entered in a text entry field. (Column is user specific)
This value is transferred to the cell with a button, with the function Set Column Value.
ChatGPT takes the question from this cell and gives an answer.

There is a delay between the sending of the question and the answer.

And that is my problem. I don’t want to have to press a head again so that the answer is sent to a user-specific column.

I hope it is understandable.
Does anyone have any ideas?

It will be super easy when OpenAI integrations come to the beta version in Glide.

Basically have a user-specific column inside your Glide Tables (no need for Google Sheets), have a button (e.g: “Get answer”), with the action being “Answer a question” from OpenAI. It will write an answer, and that answer column can also be user-specific.

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