PDF thumbnails not showing up in List view

Thumnails that in PDF format do not show up in List view, but the very same does show up in Columns view.

See screenshots.

2nd screenshot

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Interesting. I’ve never used PDF thumbnails. So is the “image” url actually a url link to a PDF file? Are they special PDF files or do all PDF’s have a default thumbnail?

Yes, they are normal PDFs. The one in the screenshot is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxrKuJkRv1M-a3JRNzkwRlYxUFE/view

A related problem is that images hosted on Google Drive also do NOT work as thumbnails in the LIST view, but they DO work as thumbnails in every other view.

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I can confirm that I have the same issue with PDF’s.

I am not seeing the same issue as you with Google Drive hosted images. My images show in list as well as other views. Maybe verify that the list is pointing to the image column.

Thanks @Michael_Thomas, will pass on.

It’s so cool when the community discovers PDFs work as images before you knew it :stuck_out_tongue: That wasn’t on purpose. I will see what can be done about thumbnails, but the fact that they don’t work tells me our image provider probably doesn’t fully support PDF as an image.

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@Jason I assumed that was a feature. Bonus! It’s so smart it’s starting to code itself. :wink:

oops. I made a mistake. The area where google drive images don’t show up are in Rich Text markdown. I have to use imgur instead.

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