Payment problem with buy button (Stripe)

@eltintero Which app is this? The price seems right. Are you sure you have something in the “product_it” column for this product? -> La Casa -> scroll down to Surprise
Yup, I had the name of the item, now I created a Stripe product and used the SKU… but didn’t work.

@eltintero Approximately when did you try to make this purchase? We can’t find any logs regarding this on our server-side, so it may be a client-side error. Could you open your browser’s developer tools and post what is going on in the console?

patch.js:1 The AudioContext was not allowed to start. It must be resumed (or created) after a user gesture on the page.
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VM451:1 POST 402
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10.30d076e2.chunk.js:2 Error creating payment method for buy button: processing_error: An error occurred while processing your card. Try again in a little bit.
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That’s really interesting. It’s failing to talk to Stripe even before it touches our systems. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your Stripe account in the Buy Button configuration.

Disconnected and reconnected. Same issue.

Ok. Try disabling all browser extensions or using a different browser entirely. We’re pretty sure that it’s something specific either to your environment, or your Stripe account based on activity we are seeing with other Buy Button installations.

Will do that, give me some minutes.
However when trying to pay from my phone, same issue persists.

Same issue with an iPhone

I thought there were issues with small amounts around $1.00???

@eltintero You are going to have to ask Stripe support yourself about this. We can’t reproduce it on our end, and other users are actively processing payments with the Buy Button. Based on the error code we’re seeing, it’s possible that Stripe can’t process your specific credit card. That’s way beyond our ability to fix, and Stripe support is going to need specific card info to help you out.

Is it an issue from the card or my stripe account? What do you think?

Jesús A Vargas Espinosa-Mireles
+52 5555051571

@eltintero We don’t know. Please ask Stripe support instead of us. It seems that Glide is doing everything correctly and Stripe itself is not working.

I read somewhere else (here in the forum) that minimum amount was 0.5 USD.

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Hola @eltintero & @Daniel_Sweet

How did you solve this problem because I’m having the same one:

I’m using the Stripe’s test card numbers to test but I don’t know if it is the problem source or something wrong is happening with my settings!!

Or must I use these test card numbers on staging instance only?.

Thanks for your help!

Any chance you have row owners in the app?

You can’t have row owners, and all data passed to Stripe needs to be stored in google sheets (nothing can be user specific or in Glide columns).


So far, I have no row owners but I can see now that we can use USC into Price field without problems.

But my problem doesn’t seem to have this problem (I think), the products are already in shopping cart, the issue happens after I press the Pay (Pagar) button which is showed automatically in this section and I can’t manipulate or configure it!


Gracias @eltintero

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My problem was caused by my USC!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Although Glide lets you use USC into Stripe fields, when the transaction is fired, Stripe can’t find the real values and aborts all.

I don’t understand this kind of constraint. The Buy button and its process can be easier if USC can be used in this case.

Stripe can only use values IN the google sheet… no math, no ITE, no template columns… just values in the sheet.