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Can you help me what am I doing wrong the sheet seems to not be pulling my OrderId to generate the payment link


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If I’m understanding correctly, I don’t think any Glide computed column gets written to Google Sheets.

yes but its suppose to add my payment link refs

Make sure you don’t have the same words on the replacements.

what you mean?

I mean you have to make sure the name you have in the link to be replaced has to be unique.

Another thing, is the relation from where you’re pulling the joined list a single relation or a multiple one?

it’s pulling it from Orders to link and do you mean I would need to rename it if I have multiple Order ID tabs?

Now I got it loading but it’s playing OrderID in the format like this


That ID should be at the end not middle


Have you tried changing the symbols?

Something like £?

Make sure your replacements values match exactly. You have ORDERID and Orderid. You need to have it set to replace Orderid instead or ORDERID. Spelling and case has to match exactly. I would suggest wrapping ing your replacement values something more unique, or wrap it in curly brackets, like {Orderid}, so it’s more unique and you don’t accidentally replace the wrong value.


Jeff you a genius I didn’t ever consider that the spelling was affecting it

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Hi Jeff

Quick one is there a way we can get the text colour we used in Excel to appear in the App

No. There’s no way to do that.