Pay Button - Relation Question

How can I relate past payments back to other records?

There is an App:Sales tab in my Google Sheet but the tab is not accessible in glide and I am unable to relate that payment back to the parent record.

Does anyone have a solution?

If you just need the App: Sales values, just create a new sheet and use an Arrayformula for to pull in all its values. That new sheet will be accessible in Glide and you’ll be able to use it for relations.

Do you know the array formula for that? That is exactly what I am looking for…

Figured it out:

=QUERY(‘App: Sales’!A:N)

That’s right, that’s what I did, and if I remember correctly the second column “Pus … Item” and renamed it with the same name in my product guide and created a list of them, with that to create visibility based on payment :wink:

You should not need the query, albeit it’s an alternative, it should be just:

={'App: Sales’!A:N'}