Need assistance matching data

Having issues matching up data. Anyone available for hire?

Working in a Camoe clone.

Hello if you still need help maybe i can help you :wink:

Hello Stanislas

Thank you. That would be amazing.

I’m having issue linking reviews and requests to match up with correct performer.

What is the easiest way for us to proceed?

Should I give you user/pass for Glide?

Thank you again.


Hi Stanislas

Any chance you might have a few moments to take a look at the app?

Hello, yes with pleasure. You can give me access to your doc “vew and comment” is enough to explore your sheet ;à)
my mail is

Thank you Stanislas

I am trying to follow this tutorial. I am having trouble figuring out how to match up review and request to individual performers. I believe he is using a ‘Requests=Requests:Name:Multiple’ but I can’t figure out how to use this command.

I will email log in for Glide.

I will send money via paypal for your time.

Thank you.

I’m guessing the two of you are working on this privately, but the ‘Requests=Requests:Name:Multiple’ is what you put in the header to establish a relation column. It works like this ‘ColumnName=RemoteSheet:RemoteSheetColumnName:Multiple’. The multiple just indicates that you are expecting multiple matches in the remote sheet. If you only expect a single match, then you would not include ‘:Multiple’ in the heading.

It’s much easier to establish these relations by adding a relation column within the data tab of the builder.

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I’m having this same issue with reviews showing for all users instead of the ones being viewed. Did anyone solve this? Thanks

@ResearchLLC Do you have any more information on what you are trying to accomplish. Depending on what you want, you would use either a relation or filter by signed in user.

So imagine you are leaving a review for a particular restaurant. Right now all the reviews are showing up for all the restaurants instead of just the relevant reviews. I can’t figure out how to fix that.


Create a relation column linking the restaurant name or ID in the Restaurant sheet to the restaurant name or ID in Reviews sheet. Then create an inline list on the restaurant detail page that uses the relation column for the source data. It will only show the reviews for that restaurant.

Thanks Jeff!

I am also trying to fix two other issues:

  1. I have three tabs at the bottom of the app. the 2nd tab is “requests”, which should show the users order requests from restaurants for example. I want to filter by signed in user, but it only gives me the option to filter by signed in user for the restaurant email–not the customer email address. any ideas?

  2. similar issue where the 3rd tab is for “reviews” that the customer has left across all restaurants. However, I can’t select sort by signed in user email address for this either–just the restaurant email address.

any help is much appreciated thanks!

Do you have emails in the user email column for those tabs? Is probably need a screenshot of the data tab and what you see in the filter to fully understand.

Hey Jeff! Can I ask if there is any reason to set up relations by changing the header names, vs the creation of a relationship column within the spreadsheet in Glide’s data section?

@Amanda_Schulze Changing the header was the only way to set up relations before we had the data editor and the ability to create columns within Glide. That changed several months ago. Now that we have those features, I would recommend against setting them up in the sheet unless you had some specific reasoning behind it. It’s just a lot of unnecessary overhead to do it the old way.

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Agreed! SOOOO much easier now than before.

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Im currently facing the same issue with matching data and have been trying to set up a relation. When an order goes through for a specific celeb, only that celeb should be able to see it in their admin page. I also need to do this for reviews. The tutorial linked is outdated, is there any possible way you have an updated way to do this?

The videos in the tutorial may be showing an outdated interface, but the data editor in glide should be very similar. The process for setting up relations hasn’t changed. For a relation to work, you need to select a column in the table that will have a matching column with the same value in another table. If the values match, then you have a related row.

Hope this isn’t a dumb question but does this work for rows too or only columns?

I’m not sure I understand the question. To build a relation, you need a key value that is the same in both sheets. A relation returns matching rows based on that key value matching in both sheets. A relation does not return individual columns. If you need a specific column from that relation, then you can use a Lookup column that points to that relation.

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