Payhere alternative for marketplaces?

Does anyone know of a Payhere alternative that lets buyers pay sellers? I have been searching endlessly for a solution like this and have had no luck. Thanks!

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Hola @willem

have you tried payrequest ?

It’s very similar to payhere.

The thing is, i don’t think there are services where you can let buyers and sellers pay eachother?

There are a few services, notably Stripe Connect and Paypal for Marketplaces. But there is no support for them yet in Glide. I was hoping there would be a simpler solution like Payhere that can be used via links.

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Problem is you need to collect bank account information from all sellers. Glide doesn’t support this as users in Glide would be separate from users in whatever marketplace platform you use. Could probably connect them with Zapier or something, but it’s all just very hacky.

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