Pay PP Users - what determines a User?

I am looking into the new pricing and am finding it prohibitive. Maybe I am confusing users and viewers.
My pro app has a whitelist/user list with 200 names. I am the only one with access to the app through the builder. I have one person listed as admin with use of the edit pencil.
When I am on the dashboard and look at all my apps they ALL say 0 users.
So are the 200 whitelist emails and 200 user names “USERS” that will be charged PP in the future?

I would like to have a couple of people be able to collaborate on the changes and development of the app. Teams? The objective is to keep the price as low as possible!

When you say PP, do you mean Private Pro?

Assuming you are talking about a Private Pro app, anybody who opens and uses the app is considered a user and you are charged the base amount plus the per user amount for any active user (after the initial 20) within a billing period (month). For example, if 50 users use the app within a month, then you are charged the base amount, which includes the first 20 users, plus the per user amount for the additional 30 users. You are not charged for the remaining 150 users if they did not use the app within that month.

The private pro whitelist/user list is not related to teams, or those that have access to the builder.


Actually I meant PP as per person.

Maybe I’m confused by your question then. If it’s just a pro app, then you are only charged the monthly or annual price for the app. Users aren’t charged anything unless you build in some sort of subscription flow for them to gain access to certain parts of the app. Also, a whitelist only applies to private apps, but with a pro only app, then anybody can sign into the app. So in that case, I’m not sure I understand how you are using a whitelist if it’s not a private app.

Teams allow you to set others as collaborators to help develop the app. It has no effect on billing.

Also the active user counts in the dashboard only apply to private pro apps. However, I’ve seen other posts where that count isn’t working. I have a private pro app with a couple of users, but it doesn’t show a user count.
I’m not sure if that’s a bug or related to my app being a legacy app . It’s not something I pay much attention to, but I know some people like the see the statistics of the number of active users. I use Google Analytics for more accurate information anyway.


I’ve been going round and round with this for two weeks. This is the first time I have seen “Teams allow you to set others as collaborators to help develop the app. It has no effect on billing.” JH quote

What I am trying to do is allow two other people to have access to the Builder to be able to make changes to the app. When I try to do add team members I am asked for credit card information. I have asked over and over “How much does it cost to add a team member in the legacy pro app?” and have not gotten an answer.

The ultimate goal for this legacy pro app is to change the email address and billing to the organization and out of my private email and credit card. I would still be the admin and hopefully be able to add two more admin. Our legacy pricing ends Sept. 29, 2021, but I need help NOW with the development of the app.

Would it help to hire an expert to sort this out?

First of all, have you sent your questions to Glide Support?

Second, I believe legacy apps still follow the same organization model from prior to the price changes. The current version of teams (formally organizations), requires you to upgrade to the new pricing model.

I would recommend getting confirmation from glide support, but I’m guessing one of two things are happening for you. One is that team apps can have independent billing for each team, so maybe it’s asking for billing information for that team. The more likely cause is that you are trying to use the current implementation of teams, which I believe isn’t available for a legacy app, so it’s requiring you to upgrade the app to the new pricing structure or bill against the old structure.

I have legacy apps, but I do not use Teams, so I cannot say for sure, but if you submit your question to glide support through the link about, then hopefully they can give you the correct answer.