Passing Information from Screen to Screen

Hi All,

I am trying to find a way to retrieve information from a screen and pass it to the another screen.

Here is exactly what I am trying to do.

A customer will tap on an order button and I want to pop up a form or send them to a form screen. On this screen I want to collect the person’s name and mobile phone number, populate a table and then send them a text message to verify the number is good. If validated I then want to bring them back to the order form and complete the order.

I would appreciate your help with this or a better way to do this. Thanks!

So is the user logged in or not? If they’re logged in, I think you should collect this in their onboarding step, and just pass these pieces of info as special values in the form.

@ThinhDinh, No there are not logged in. In fact, I do not plan on them logging in to the app. Do you know of any other way?

So if it’s constructed that way, how do you know if a number is good or not? Would that process be automated by an API call or something else?

I plan on using Make and Twilio to send a text message with a 6 digit code that will match what I have saved in the fields I updated for the customer. Once they validate it, then I will take then back to the page to proceed with the order.

Off the subject, I am trying to understand how the Copy to Clipboard work. I know I can copy to clipboard but how do I retrieve what was copied?

Are you aware that this is totally insecure?
If users are not signed in, that means you cannot be using row owners, which means that every user will have access to not only their own data, but the data of every other user.

You can’t.

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Yes. But if I decide to have them signed in. Is there a method that would make this work?

Then what is the purpose of Copy to Clipboard?

To allow users to paste that bit of information somewhere else, I guess.

Setting a value to their user profiles row, or the order row, whatever matches your flow, then just proceed with Twilio and wait for them to validate the code.

@ThinhDinh, That makes good sense now. Thanks.

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