How to retrieve data from previous screens?

Hi Everyone,

I have created 3 screens which cascade from one to another and i d like to retrieve the data from the 3 screens at the end of it.

Screen 1: User select the type of clothes. Action: Go to new screen “Fabric”
Screen 2: User select the type of fabrics. Action: Go to new screen “Size”
Screen 3: User select the size. Action: Push the data selected in the screen 1, 2 & 3 to a table

I m failing on the action in screen 3.

Happy to hear some solution :slight_smile:


Theoretically, you can use a set column action to the user profiles row, then on screen 3 you push those column values to the destination table.

But is there a reason you don’t use a form right at the start with choice components? Is it for navigation purposes? Please beware that the set column method above would eat a lot into your updates quota.

Maybe you can add a logic branch in your actions. Say when the user navigates from screen 1 to 2, if the rowID of screen 2 is the same as the “chosen fabric ID” value in the user profiles row, then just navigate to the screen and don’t do a further set column.


Thanks for your reply ThinDinh,

I tried to add a Card Collection within my Form Container but somehow it dos not “select” the image and does not enable me to “validate” the first screen of the form.

What is happening: Joining 3 screenshots (1: I click on “Trouser”, 2: I arrive on the detail page of “Trouser”, 3: Validate button is not “clickable”)
What i would like: (1: I click on “Trouser”, 2: I move to the Fabric screen)

@ThinhDinh I checked couple of free templates to see if one could fit what i want to do, but did not find anything. Would you mind sharing with me a free template that do what you explained in your earlier post (with the form)?

As a reminder here what I want is to:

  • Screen 1: User click on the type of Clothes. Action: Go to new screen “Fabric”
  • Screen 2: User click on the type of Fabric. Action: Go to new screen “Size”
  • Screen 3: User click on specific size. Action: Push the data selected in the screen 1, 2 & 3 to a table



  • I was able to create a form and indeed the data flow as wanted
  • However I d like to have:
  1. Only pictures in the options available (at the moment the pictures are too small)
  2. One container per screen
  3. No “submit” button, ideally the action is done when clicking on the image

Any ideas?

Is this similar to the experience you were looking for? It’s not super straightforward, but I was able to create it with another helper table. It’s not doing “pages” but I have assumed that you were going for the progressive disclosure here? Let me know if you’d like me to talk you through it

CleanShot 2023-06-20 at 13.33.24

Just curious, why would it be eating into the updates quota? Is there something about putting data into user account that uses updates? Or is your assumption that Kevin is working off of the Google Sheets/external sheet source?

Hi Tamara, each set column would mean an update.

You’re using a form there, so it won’t eat into your updates count because nothing is actually written until the row is submitted, but I thought again and would like to ask you if you have this type of structure.

Clothes table contains multiple types of clothes, each type of clothing can be linked with multiple types of fabric.

But in reverse, a type of fabric can also be linked with multiple type of clothes.

The sizes are free for the users to choose and might have no links to the clothes or fabric tables.

Or, say I choose Trouser - Wool - XXL then there might not be a combination for that?

Doesn’t seem to be the case for me, that’s why I’m confused :thinking:

And in the prototype I shared above I use “Set column values” 3 times:

  1. To set clothes in the helper table
  2. To set fabric in the helper table
  3. To set size in the helper table

I’ve created 9 orders while testing… So I should have generated at least 27 updates?

You don’t incur updates while in the builder.

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Ohhhh, that makes more sense, thank you!

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It’s so not fair :disappointed:. Having to consume update quota only to view data. I wish there was a separate table to hold these temp values only for the user session.

Well technically that’s because of the way OP wanted to build it. Normal navigation wouldn’t require setting column values.

@ThinhDinh Correct the user can select any type of clothes (1 only) then select any type of fabric (1 only) and then any type of size (1 only).

So there are no dependencies between tables, if Joins was the idea you had.

I think in a normal coding environment you would use variable to refer to the previous selected dimension (clothes when selecting the fabric, clothes and fabric when selecting the size).

@Tamara Didenko Yes what you achieved is what i want to do! But then if i understood correctly this will cost me a lot, because i will need to save every actions of the users, right?

Best and thanks for the replies everyone.

Please let me know if you find a way to achieve what i want to do :slight_smile:


Yes, testing it in a published app yielded 9 updates (8 updates [I forgot about the “Clear value” actions] + 1 add). How many completions of this flow do you expect per month? Depending on your plan this may or may not be a limitation for you.

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Yeah, I was kind of thinking if there’s a combination and I can reverse-tracking it to the first level to prevent a huge updates count, but seems like it’s a no.