Can I send information in a link to a specific screen

I’d like to share a specific screen, but the screen is ‘blank’ for the user that receives the link cause there is some information that only the sender’s app knows as it’s a personal value that’s been set in a previous screen with a previous click, can I send that over some how?

Hope I managed to explain myself

Is it being sent to a specific user? If so, it is similar to the messaging going on in this thread

If it being shared with everyone, then you can create a form to display that data anywhere else in the app. The form would take the private data, and put it in a non private table. You can let people know on the form that they are sharing their data.

I don’t really understand what you’re saying, but if you have visibility conditions or filter conditions for the list or list item, then the user will not be able to view the content in that screen/item

Could you rephrase this? I do not understand.