Issues with share screen

I am trying to add a share function in my app and I am having some issues with the data that´s being sent, which is nothing…
Does anyone know about this and is able to help me?


What does your sharing function do exactly? Is it something you built yourself you do you use the share action?

And what kind of data do you want to send?

I’ve made a list in which I can add items and now I want to be able to share that item with others. I added a floting button with a share link function and chose link to current screen as action. The share part works in one way, meaning that I can click share, send a link, and open it but the link just ends up at a empty screen.

Are there any visibility settings on the items or tabs that youre sharing?

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Not that I know of. I haven´t done any settings like that. Other than I made the email column “row owner” for personal usage.

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That should be why then, if the item belongs to someone the elements on the detail screen will only be visible by the owner, hence the blank page if shared to someone else.

Ok. is there a solution?

Remove row owners if the table doesnt have sensitive data or add multiple row owners of only select people who you want to share with

But that makes it difficult to have the personlized “library” of items…

Make sure youre capturing the Users ID in your items table whem adding an item.

Then try displaying the entire library table but apply a filter of if Users ID (from user table) = User ID (from item table).

This will only show the user their items. However when you share, its sharing the item’s deep link from the generic table and will be viewable by anyone