Pass user information along when creating a table record


I have been struggling with both Google Sheet and Airtable. I’m trying to do something that I though should be easy and straightforward. I want users to create records using a form, and I want to pass along WHO created the record. Sounds easy, right? Well after half a day of searching and trying, I still am hopeless.

I’ve tried to define the field’s value upon loading the form (and I see it!), different On submit settings, set column value etc, but nothing works.

Any idea?

Thank you!!

You should be able to add components to your form that will do that. One of the component options will be the User Profile Email or a Special Value User Email. Either will work. Just add the component, point it to the correct column, and that’s it.



Awesome thank you, that worked. I’m wondering why the option set column value didn’t work, but nevermind.

Thank you!

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I just wouldn’t rely on certain On Submit actions if you can avoid them. Use the built in components instead. You have to consider that everything runs very fast and the row may not be completely added before the On Submit action runs. My guess is that there is no row yet when you attempt to update the row.

Plus, using the components instead of actions is going to save you on update counts.

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