Write user information to column when creating a new form record (createdBy)

Pretty sure this is very simple thing, but I just can’t manage to set it up.

I have an app where a user can create a calendar event
When the user creates a new event and presses submit, I would like the name of that person (logged in) to write into the column for that row/event that was just created, (like a “created by” value)

I have my data table and user table properly setup, just don’t know how to get the above to work.

thx a mil!

Is this a normal form? If so, you can add User Profile or Special Value components to the form to pass the user’s email to the destination table.

jep, off the shelf form almost. Was already trying to search for “special value” but didnt find any usefull online docs about this. Any pointers?

When you are in the form, add a component from the left hand panel. It should be one of the components you can choose from.


This might have to do with Row Owner and permissions in public.

thx jeff I found the special user values, managed to write data whenever a user creates or changes a record, but would like to only write the user data to the record when it gets created, and not changing after that. Now is it more of a “modified by” but looking for a “created by”. Any pointers how to get that done?

That’s just a matter of writing the value only when the record is added. A screenshot of how you have it setup would be useful.


Thanks all, I managed to figure it out!
I didn’t have the actual “add” event action selected, but an existing event, so it only recorded modified by instead of created by.

Thanks for the pointers!

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