Pass custom special value in form

Glide Pages → Form
User is an employer
User posts a new job
Job can have status active or inactive
Job post created with status column = “active” (as default)

Current solution: hidden Text Entry component with default value being Active → not ideal as need to toggle a filter dependent on an arbitrary value linked to user profile
Desired solution: Custom special value that is hidden by default

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You can add a Set Column value action like this in your form! : add job status default value 1 - glide page.mp4 - Google Drive

Another option would be using the Show New screen action and adding a form container there and add the default value like this! : add job status default value 2 - glide page.mp4 - Google Drive

Hope this helps!

Thank you

Thanks Dilon, appreciate you putting that video together. That works for now.

Though needing to have two separate sources to input/write data like this is confusing, especially hidden away in an action

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Do you mean the job’s default status is dynamic, or is it “Active” every time?

from an admin point of view in the settings

So sometimes you need it to be “Active” and sometimes “Inactive” based on Admin’s settings?

when a client creates/posts a job, they expect it to be active immediately

I would do one of two things.

  • Make blank be the same as an Active status. If it’s blank, then it’s Active. If it has some other value, then it’s Inactive.
  • Or, I would create a template column in the user profile table filled with the word ‘Active’. Then just pass it through the form using a user profile value component.
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If it needs to always be Active by default, then your text entry default approach would have worked normally. Just hide that text entry with a condition that will never be true.

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