Set 'Static' Value when submitting a form

I like the use of ‘Columns’ and ‘Specific Value’ when submitting a form.
I’d like to be able to submit a ‘Static’ value the same way (I mean not user visible, just in background), this value could be set manually in the editor. It will help for these kind of use cases, setting default value of a workflow (ie. OPEN), or in my case Identify from which ‘Form/Button’, the new components is coming form.

I know a part of it, could be done with scripting, but It will be so nice to have this directly in Glide.


I would add a Template column to the active sheet where the Form button is. Then you will see that column as a selection in the columns when putting components on the form.

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To add to @George_B suggestion, I think the Single Value column would work as well.