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Hi all,

Very quick question - based on previous posts on the community it seems we need to start to move to Pages rather instead of building apps.

Please can you guide me:

  • i have a new client project and not sure if i should do this NOW or only later this year?
  • does Pages already cater for the features we currently use on the app?
  • if i have a client that want users to access the app mobile, but in some circumstances have a communal desktop should they not have data on their phone. how do you suggest i build this, as a pages? would it scale ok on both devices?

any advice appreciated


There is really no reason not to start now, unless there are absolute must have features that aren’t yet available with Pages.

Most, but not all. There are still some App features that are not available with Pages, but Glide have indicated that most of these will be added over the next several months.

Yes, Pages will scale to both. Much better than Apps ever did.

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This gives comfort @IlseB

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