Experts Page Vs Mobie

So recently we’ve been moving a lot of apps from apps to pages and pages gives alot of space customization and safe to build up.

What keeps you still building apps on the mobile version and not the page ?

Do you think that it’s better to create a mobile view on pages rather than apps?

It depends on what my client’s main audience will use (desktop or mobile), but if you ask me to choose between Pages’ mobile layout and Apps’ desktop layout, it will definitely be Pages.

I have built a lot on Pages in recent months. Gotta love the container option, but I wish that would translate better to the mobile layout.


yep, my thoughts exactly.

In addition, sometimes you will be forced one way or the other depending on which features/functionalities are required. For example, if you need to capture signatures then it must be an App.

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is there a resource the compares the two? (glide app vs glide pages?)

I made many glide apps, but never a glide page - and I’m not sure what options will become available for me, and what options I’m used to - won’t be available in pages.

Is there anything I can do with glideapps and not with glide pages?

I tried Pages and while nice, apps in my opinion look and feel a lot nicer on mobile.

Also, you get more options and customization in my opinion.

But if your users are primarily on the computer, like most business office environments, Pages would be the way to go. Most internal apps for businesses focuses more on functionality than looking pretty.