Pages Templates links incorrect

There seems to be a bad link in the templates gallery.

The Starter Directory template links to the Starter Portal template.


Is it this one? Seems to be opening correctly for me, not sure if that was fixed since this post.

Hi, Yes it’s that one. I think the template was changed so that Things are people and categories are locations. See screenshot of the preview from your link above…

Can you check this @Nuthinking @JackVaughan ?

I’m sorry. I’m not following. Could you elaborate or share a video?

Both look fine to me and I have searched the store and both links work correctly. Am I missing something?

I think it’s that the screenshots for the template don’t accurately represent the content of the template. The screenshots show Things, while the actual template shows People. Same overall concept either way, but the screenshots don’t match.

And while we are looking at it, the Locations table might be misleading, because by default the relation is empty. It’s trying to match a location name to a department in the Team table. Seems like the Teams table should have a location column for the relation in the Location table to link to.


I see. Thank you for clarifying. Passing on to our templates team. :+1:


I just copied the starter directory and got below -

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