Glide website down?

This is happening with everything on the domain. Is anyone else experiencing issues?

Ok here in uk

Ps the link you added is not glide :smirk:

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It seems to be happening on certain urls…
Heck, click on the link above. Shouldn’t that bring you to the 404 page?

The templates link does work Templates • Glide

The link you provides is broken but is the url a valid url as it has no templatename? Not sure how you found or created that link?

404 would help to maybe point you to a valid url if you stumble upon that link :+1:

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@Rosewebstudio You’re right! The link I was going to had a typo. :nerd_face:

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@Pablo_books :+1: happens to us all :wink:

Have a great day :ok_hand:

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