Pages - field component

I’m using fields as a component in Pages. Glide seems to decide for itself if it lists the fields in one column or two. I can’t find anywhere to control this. Any suggestions are welcome.


Once column

Two columns

I would suggest using a container with text components to have more a control over this. As you said, the fields component dynamically choose the number of columns to display based on the total number of fields you have.

As @ThinhDinh said, this is controlled based on the width of your screen. If you expanded your view to full screen, they’d go into the two column (and possibly three column) layout. In a small overlay, you’ll pretty much always have one column… In a large overlay, you should get two columns if your device is large enough.


Is there a way where the information appears as a single line, field full width?

This looks awfully weird:

I think I’d just use a Text component for that.

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While it can work, the text appears without a heading/title. So it’s a bunch of text.

In this case, I’d add multiple text components and style them appropriately.

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