Add all fields as default?

I want to create a detail page that shows all (or most) of the columns in my sheet. However, when I attempt to do that the default is just the first column/field, meaning I would have to add each field manually. Is there some trick perhaps to make a new page show all of the fields and then allow me to subtract from there?

I think this behaviour only exists in Apps, not Pages. So I assume you have a lot of columns? Do you want to show them all in just one type of component?

Hi @ThinhDinh thanks for your reply. Yes I was thinking one type of component. Yes about 100 columns (that’s something I want to simplify, but that’s for later). Any ideas pop to mind?

Not really, but I think you should consider what type of layout you want right now because using 100 components would take a hell lot of space. Maybe big numbers/fields component, then you show multiple things in one component.

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