Max limit on number of columns

Is there a limit on the number of columns you can have in a sheet. I have 221 and I am seeing some issues, not sure if related.

I am opening up a form that is linked to a sheet with 221 columns. when I do that, the components are not displaying (I have no visibility settings on the first two components).

Also when I click on the + to add component, I am not seeing any of the components, but when I go to a different sheet then its seems to be working.

There might be a point where things start falling. I recall @Darren_Murphy have an app with a large number of columns, I’m not sure it reaches 221. Why do you have that many columns, though?

Basic or computed columns?
I have apps with several hundred computed columns in a single table, and I’ve seen Apps with over 1000. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than about 100 non-computed columns. If they are columns that contain actual data and that’s combined with a large row count, then I could imagine that causing issues.

Might be best to reach out to Glide Support.

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Its basic data “boolean” columns. Its check boxes.

I have a vehicle inspection app, so when a driver starts his shift he needs to do an inspection. Depending on the vehicle he will be driving, a different checklist will appear. I have about 7 different type of inspections, they choose the inspection type and then the relevant components appear.

I have reached out to support. If I have to, I will have to split it across 7 different sheets and forms but wanted to keep it in a single file for easier reporting.

ARE YOU SAYING that the basic data fields add more weight to the app then computed columns ? This is interesting, I’ve been shy of using too many computed columns.

Well I can’t say for certain, but it seems logical to me that they would. Non computed columns contain actual data - bits and bytes - that is always there. Where as computed columns only contain data when needed.

Maybe it’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges, in that they each affect performance in a different way. Non computed columns affect the total data payload size, where as computed columns affect the processing load.

That said, I wouldn’t imagine that a bunch of boolean columns could have much impact at all.

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