How do I see my number of computational columns?

Apparently an app can have too many computational columns. And apparently after that number is reached the app will no longer publish. I am just learning this.
I was never aware of such a limit and perhaps I have over looked something but after removing a LOT of my app in order to get it to publish still nothing. So I am wondering where I can go to see how many computational columns I am using.
Has anyone else faced this issue?
Thank you.

Where did you get this information from?

To be clear this is a computational limit and has no relations to your normal app subscription limits (free, basic, public pro, private pro etc.) - which are number of rows, storage, etc.

I have no idea what’s the limitation in terms of publishing control, from what I’ve read it should only be affecting design changes, but if your app is too big in terms of computational then it might be a problem as well.

I would try duplicating the app to see if the unpublished changes are published in that copied version.

Thanks guys… was finally able to sort it out by changing visibility of some tabs and working backwards…


By using browser dev tools, you can examine the app manifest and discover the number of computed columns in your app. I’ve seen the occasional reference to “too many columns”, or “your app is too complex” here in the forum. But I have no idea if there is any hard limit on the actual number of columns. I doubt that there is, but obviously the more computed columns you have the more processor power will be required to perform all the calculations. So as you add more, things might start to get bogged down a little. For what it’s worth, I have an app with over 1500 computed columns, and everything (mostly) works fine - at least for now :wink:

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No need to break app. With find all uses you could accomplish amazing things. It’s a life/ app saver.

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a word to the wise… it will cost you a week of work.
i wasn’t aware of any computational limits…
but here i am…day 12 still messing with this, having no idea i would ever pass some undocumented arbitrary number…this is just beyond frustrating…and all i am supported with is We have a great community…ask in there…

im probably down to less than 300 now…no such luck.

There is no hard limit on the number of computed columns. Your app is saved in our database as a document, and currently there is a 1MB limit on how large this document can become. You can reach this limit with thousands of computed columns, or if you do weird things like saving large image blob URLs as fixed custom values. We are working to restructure how apps are saved so they do not have this limit.

It’s a frustrating limitation, but out of millions of apps created on Glide, I believe we’ve only seen this happen four or five times.

We also have some plans to improve Glide’s expressiveness so apps need drastically fewer computed columns, but that will take until next year.


Regarding image blobs… all of the images in my app are for the primarily from unsplash. Should i download all of those images and smush them/ optimize them further? That may be the only thing left to do, but i was under the impression that they were already optimized to a sufficient size…

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Are you using a lot of GSheets formulas? Removing GSheet formula and or replacing that logic with Glide logic will have the most impact on performance.

How do i clear my 1 mb?
Is there a way that something might be overloading it?