Order Dashboard / Order Management Apps

Hey everyone! :star2:

A sneak peek of the new order dashboard screen LessCode is building for MyJam.com! :rocket::package:
Still under construction, but we’re excited about how it’s shaping up. :hammer_and_wrench::sparkles:

Glide’s ability to build good-looking, user-friendly screens has become amazing! :heart_eyes::clap:

Anyone looking for a similar dashboard or order management apps, reach out here :email:

Check out the photo below and let me know what you think! :point_down::camera_flash:
Highlight appreciate your feedback :heart:


Looks great, would love to see more of the tabs!

One thought - the ready to ship and ready to pack sections may get a bit overwhelming if there’s lots of orders. A table element may be better and allow for displaying more data.


Thank you!

We use the table element in the main orders tab. I’l try to share a video or more photos soon.

This dashboard screen is to be displayed on a wide screen in the operations room for the operations team to quickly operate on orders that are ready to pack and ready to ship.

Since there are hundreds of orders per day, items are packed into orders on an arrival basis by other teams… this tab is to notify the packing/shipping team that an order is ready. It’s also to show overall progress during the day to everyone.

The 2 sections have a page limit so the users can toggle through pages to see more although orders shouldn’t stay long on this screen.

Orders will soon be moved to the shipped today section leaving the other two empty as the days operations finish.