Tab not showing data from source

Hello people !

Back to my app after winter break, and… somehow it doesn’t work anymore, something is up, not sure what :frowning:

My app’s URL ( a copy of it ):

The Tab “Commande” should display whatever you add in your Cart ( using sheet formula ), you can preview as “” and you should see the 2 orders from my current Cart in Tab: “Commande” they are not displayed… it used to work in 2020 :sweat_smile:

I would appreciate a look into it, I just want to display the list of product from the “order” sheet which are from signed in user.

Thank you, and have a good week end!

Stay safe.

It shows for me. Is this the screen you are talking about?

First thanks for checking Jeff,

Exactly :expressionless: ti should show what you have, and I have checked on my device it also work…
Something is up it doesn’t work on edit mode/ preview mode as owner - do you have an idea ?!

have a good Sunday!

it works now… I do not know why (?) but it works… thank you again for looking into it, you helped me in a way :sweat_smile:

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