<Order Ahead Temp> How much liberty do we have for given template?

Hi, just signed up and have been testing a few templates for a potential EC app.
I’ve picked “Order Ahead” template as I liked the inline list choice (of selection of milk in addition to drinks which I’ve changed to colors for my fashion items).
The original logic only allows me to pair the inline list combination with drinks (obviously :sweat_smile:) but not with other items thus I can’t show the colors for those items.

I’ve tried to copied the “drinks” so that it will trigger the inline selection only ended up showing on the prototype screen but cannot add the rows and columns.
One more minor problem is that the moment I change wording for the category column (Hot/Cold drinks, Breakfast, Dessert) the item on the row would disappear.
Moreover, I can’t change the wording but also add new wording such as lunch.

In sum, I’m hoping to 1)add inline selection to the items that were not matched with on the original template, 2)change the category wording, and 3)add new category.
Wonder if there is a space where I can change the logic for combination.

It will be wonderful if someone could give a beginner a quick advice!
Thank you very much in advance!

@Eri Hi there, welcome to Glide and the forum.

As far as I understand templates, once you acquire a Glide template – whether for free or for a fee – an app is created in your Glide instance from the template and that app is then yours.

You can then change your new app as much as you like: you can change the settings, components, the data structure, screens and tabs, etc. You can make all of these changes in the builder and data panes that you will find right and left of the app preview, as well as in the Google spreadsheet.

@nathanaelb Thanks Nathan! That’s what I thought too (otherwise it’s not fun :thinking:).
Copied the template twice and checked if it’s working column by column/row and I really don’t know what went wrong :cry:

Keep in mind that templates are not meant to be finalized apps, they are supposed to give you a head start.

In fact the terms and conditions of templates will tell you what you may and may not do with the template.

Templates might have been created before newer features were released, so by the time you download the template there might be different ways of achieving what you want.

If anything, the template might give you ideas :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Nathan :slight_smile:
What I still don’t understand is that the template is for “app for your restaurant, cafe, food truck, or other venue” and it still doesn’t allow me to change the TYPE wording breakfast to lunch for example.
If I was running a restaurant, I’d add dinner option for sure but it doesn’t allow me to even add/copy&change the customized TYPE. ← found the moment I touched the TYPE, the data disappears from the demo screen.

I’m not sure if its the limitation for a free app as I don’t seem to have the upgrade option for customized listing :thinking:

Wonder if anyone had similar experiences.

Hi, did you adapt the “filters” & “visibility conditions” of the screen?

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Hi @AyS_0908 Thanks! Yes I’ve tried but couldn’t still find the way to trigger the “milk option” that seems only attached to Hot & Cold drinks.
Do you know where I can find this logic?

I can copy the Drinks menu and change the category to dinner but the moment I do that the “milk option” will disappear :frowning: