Option to download App Mockup

Instead of having to create a mockup outside of Glide, it would be nice if I can download the mobile mockup seen while viewing the app in the builder.

What do you mean when you say mockup?

It can mean very different things to different industries.

The screen/image that’s seen in the builder. If there was some type of download option as you’re viewing a specfic screen or tab.

I know I can probaby screenshot it and crop it with round corners, haven’t looked into that yet, but I’m sure the quaility will degrade.

A screen shot is your best option. With a decent resolution monitor it should be more than good enough for anything that is then viewed on another screen whether in photo or video format.

Cropping to the round corners will be no problem with a vaguely decent image editor (no cost options included)

Just had a skim read through this and it covers most of my normal steps.

If you are hoping to print, that is a different matter entirely. You want to max out any settings you possibly can and then hope for the best frankly.

Depending on how much resolution you need, and how much time you want to give it, it is worth working out whether your phone might give you a better resolution image.

The 3rd option, which requires getting a little clicky with settings, might give you enough to head towards print quality. Also worth considering what file type you are creating the screenshot as, where you have a choice!

Frankly, once you work out these options, they will probably provide you with a better mock-up, with more flexibility than you would get from Glide producing something.



This is a great feature request! I currently use previewed.app, however an in-app option to generate a mockup would be a great idea!


Yea I looked at this as well, but then I have to size it so it fits into the cut out of the screen. How do you get it to fit perfectly and not cut off or too small?

Thanks! I won’t need it for printing in this case.I’m just thinking simple download would be more efficient in speeding up the process rather than a taking a screenshot, paste, crop, save, resize into phone template and save again for every screen, or tab I want to feature. The basic of most basic mockups, no video, or fancy orientation.