High Resolution image of app for landing page

Is there a way to get a high resolution image for Glide app. I need it for my landing page/product mockup.

I have attached screenshot of the app.


I usually use a screenshot tool, like the windows Snipping Tool to take screenshots. I’ve always gotten really good quality with that. Or I’ll take screenshots directly on my phone.


Thanks you Jeff.

Yes screenshot on mobile device came with good quality.

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Try to use the SVG Image:

M14 28C21.732 28 28 21.732 28 14C28 6.26801 21.732 0 14 0C6.26801 0 0 6.26801 0 14C0 21.732 6.26801 28 14 28ZM18.1083 17.8297C17.5653 19.5664 16.242 20.7289 14.142 21.1119C11.1703 21.6539 8.34884 20.3261 7.55753 15.9874C6.8421 12.0647 8.00652 7.00083 13.5736 5.98549C16.7632 5.40375 19.0694 6.60031 19.9013 9.25306L17.4053 10.1586C16.8549 8.37573 15.5667 7.70998 13.7836 8.03518C10.2572 8.67834 9.71352 12.5441 10.2483 15.4762C10.8011 18.5073 12.2804 19.3225 14.3011 18.9539C17.154 18.4336 17.7976 16.1259 17.7932 14.7552L17.793 14.3049L13.9892 14.9986L13.9881 12.9722L20.1098 11.8557L20.1429 19.6694L18.3203 20.0019L18.1083 17.8297Z

Export the logo to .PNG, .JPG or whatever you want


how do I get SVG image ? is there a way to convert PNG or JPG to SVG ? sorry not very experienced with SVG so need some help

This is the SVG image

I tried to convert mobile screenshot (that’s the best i can get as a picture) to SVG but not getting good quality output :frowning:

Attached 2 picture i need in high res quality if anyone can help that would be great :pray: :pray:

Ohhh I thought you meant only the logo. You want a screenshot in high definition.

yes screenshot in high definition thanks

Maybe printing the page to PDF then converting it to PNG

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