Wow ! look what I found...This I am sure is a great marketing tool

Here is is a sneak preview of an app I am building - But I am showcasing it for a different reason:

I always use Microsoft power point for producing my template images: Like this one below:

Now, look at this mock up - took me literally less than 2 minutes! The one above - 5 minutes (lol, but I still love Microsoft!)

Go to this link - Golden iPhone Screen from 3 Angles Mockup - Mediamodifier

Completely free (but watermarked); still beautiful!


Wow! Going to use this. Should be added to the resources thread.

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This is great!

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing

I have used this in the past


Let me check it out!

This ones equally amazing!

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And this

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OMG - loads to consider now!

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Speaking about mock-up there are a lot of good free ressources:


Wow! I never knew about these free resources. Great, thanks!

Great! There are also:

But to be honest, since I use Figma (free version), I always find a good mockup made by the community. And this software will help you to build a lot more things than just mockups :slight_smile:

For example:


We use this for all of our portfolio and it definitely looks nice!


This is cool!

I’ve heard a lot about figma. I’ ll give them try.

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I’m planning to produce a mock up of an app using figma. I use this for web design also.


Cool, share the final product with us if possible just to get a feel of which one I should be investing in.

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