Option to create a shortcut no longer appears in samsung browsers

The option to create a shortcut no longer appears in samsung browsers

How many browsers did you test? Which versions and which devices? Can you show us with a video or screenshot? Which apps did you test?

How many browsers have you tested? 2 - Google Crhome OK, Samsung No

What versions and which devices? I tested on 2 devices,
Samsung J7 Prime and Samsung J2 using Android 8.1

What apps have you tested? All the applications I tested did not appear to create shortcut option

Note that the image does not have the option to create shortcut and on the top usually appears an icon with the option to install on the phone that is not appearing

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On your phone, is that a Samsung browser or a chrome browser? Doesn’t look like chrome.

I’m using a Huawei P30, and take care : I can add it to the “desktop” when the pop-up is displayed, but that does not add it in the desktop, but in the applications list. I then have to long press the app icon and move it tonone of my screen.

Ps : I am using Chrome, always.


Based on what I could find, the favorite button at the top should change to a plus sign with the option to add to homescreen. Can’t help more than that.

Yes I know, it was always like this, but now this button no longer appears so I am informing you that this is a Bug