Open App with NO download or Login

Hi Guys, I want to share my App like a Website, so NO Download or Login should be required.

It is a digital, multilingual restaurant menu and I need it to open rightaway when the QR code is scanned.

I am thankful for any advice and constructicve comment.


Hi are you referring to Glide app (Classic) or pages?

Hi! It’s a Glide App (classic)

You can set your Privacy settings to Public > No sign-in. Please go to Settings > Privacy to do this.

Regarding downloads, Glide Apps and Classic Apps never requires a user to download to be able to use it, they can just use it on the browser with the link you share to them.

Hi, thank you for the info! As you can see, i can not choose the option “No- Sign-in”. It is not shown as an option. You may not why is that?

Apps (Pages) have the no sign-in option. Classic Apps do not.

Selecting Optional Sign-in would give you the same effect, but you will not be able to hide the sign in option in the side menu if it’s visible. You could however, change to a whitelisted table of approved users. So ultimately, the app would be public to all visitors, but if anyone attempts to sign in, you could have 1 or 2 users who are whitelisted to get passed the sign in.

Honestly, you would probably have a better experience using Apps (Pages) instead of Classic Apps.

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