Open Ai - Complete Prompt with 3.5-turbo

Why can’t I use gpt-3.5-turbo in the complete a prompt action? This is the far cheaper gpt option compared to text-003.

When I use Send Message to Bot, I get a message that says: Send message to bot: Your table must have “Role”, “Content”, “Session ID”, and “Timestamp” columns

How would I even set those?


@Jeremy might be able to help with this.

I haven’t tried that but have you added columns with the same name in your table?

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I’m also struggling with this. I added all of the columns in my table and selected the Columns in the action.

Can you screenshot your message table and post here? The timestamp column should be timestamp type as well*


I got it to work, but manually set the timestamp.

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Same issue for me too.

I also want to experiment with gpt-4 model for which I have API access, but I don’t get any output if I change the model to either gpt-3.5-turbo or gpt4

Probably Jeremy can clarify further on this, but the message on the original post suggests that there should be a change in the endpoint used to be able to achieve that.

This was the same issue I faced on the first day gpt-3.5-turbo was out. Since it used a different API endpoint, Make (formerly Integromat) didn’t allow me to specify gpt-3.5-turbo as the model to use for my calls. They build a solution some days later, and it uses a different “branch” in their options.

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Does anyone have an example screenshot of what the table needs to look like to support this? The default text-davinci-003 is more expensive and has lower quality outputs.

I’m not seeing anything that I can change on the API generation side at OpenAI so I believe the issue lies in how I’m sending the request to OpenAI via Glide.

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I have the same problem, using it with computed columns. Other models but 3.5-turbo works. Can anybody help on this matter? What is a “different API endpoint”?

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It’s this for GPT-3.5.

This for previous models.


I’m sorry I don’t mean to be dumb but can anyone expand on this with a screenshot showing how they’re making it work?

Thank you @ThinhDinh . Do you know how to use them to make it work?

Sorry, I don’t have insights on how Glide set this up under the hood. Personally I haven’t used this integration a lot, I had many modules set up in Make when the API first come out and haven’t moved over.

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Noted and appreciate so much your time on this, @ThinhDinh. Could you share how you’re doing it with Make?

I have GPT working with Glide, it just won’t allow me to use the other models. I’m happy to do this through Make if necessary, it seems like others on this thread have gotten it to work but I’m not seeing how.

The main issue seems to be that OpenAI is requesting several things in that API call, such as a timestamp, that are not supported by Glide.

And there’s not an obvious way for how to do that besides perhaps creating additional columns somewhere, generating that data, and then somehow sending it over with the rest of the API call.

But I may be off-base here and don’t know what I’m talking about.

So are you using an action that have the “Timestamp” column? Have you set it to a column that is of date/time type?

I’m using it exactly as Spencer outlined above. I want to change the model to gpt-3.5-turbo

When I use this syntax from the OpenAI docs and the Glide docs, it fails to run. It also doesn’t generate an error so I have no idea why it isn’t working.

Here’s a screenshot:

I’m honestly just guessing that timestamp or something is missing from other comments here.

Gotcha, back to my original point, I think it’s just different endpoints Glide is using here, since gpt-3.5-turbo operates on a different API endpoint, hence it fails. You can try routing the info to Make and use the “OpenAI” module until this is fixed.

Okay I will do this, if anyone has screenshots or any other ways they’re working around this limitation in Glide, I’d love to see them :slight_smile: Thank you @ThinhDinh !!

Ask bot a question uses 3.5-turbo

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