OpenAI "send message to bot"

Hi Gliders!
I need help with the new released action of OpenAI “send message to bot”
It keep asking “Send message to bot: Your table must have “Role”, “Content”, “Session ID”, and “Timestamp” columns”, I have the required columns in the table, I tried to fill them, and leave them empty, nothing is working!
Also we can find nothing about that in Glide docs

Thak you!

@Jeremy might be able to help. If possible, please record a Loom video of the problem. Thank you!

I hope you can help, thank you!

Thanks for the video. When Jeremy has time to chime in, I hope he can help you more on this.

Jeremy noted here that the timestamp column should be in date/time type. You have it as text, it seems.

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timestamp column should be in date/time type!!!
That was the issue, thank you!

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