Onboarding and install app got me confused

Hi experts.
This is a bit complex for me so I hope I can explain my dilemma well.

I have 2 things I need help with:

  1. What is the best way to prompt app install if users open the app NOT in Safari or Chrome ?
    A lot of my marketing is in social media and their browsers don’t support “Install App”.
    I used an experimental code for User System to know the system and the browser but its not accurate and shows Safari for chrome on IOS 16 . Also I cant find the URL and I need it in another table now.

I made a welcome screen that sends SMS with deep link to sign in and instructions to open in correct browser but it feels like a lot of mess and I will be loosing users in the process.

  1. Should the user finish the onboarding before switching browser? I don’t have data saved because they are not logged in so they have to go through the same screens again after installing the app, or have to sign in again which is also annoying with the PIN etc…

My app has 2 types of users:

  1. Trainer
  2. Trainee

The trainers are my paying users with subscriptions, they add the trainees emails assigned to them in the app.

I have a public part in the app for the trainers to see plans and start their free trial, the app is public with optional sigh in.

I am stuck on this for weeks now cant figure out the best flow for this.
Any recommendations?

What I usually ask my clients to do is to create an onboarding video for the users, recording steps on their own app to “Install” it to the home screen, or just refer to Glide’s video.

I don’t know how it functions on other types of browsers, but as long as they have an “Add to home screen” function then it might be just enough.

If the user opens the link in a pseudo-browser from Facebook, Gmail, etc, then it would most likely result in a problem with logins and installing, you can’t do much about that.

I don’t know what code snippet you were using, but please note that if you’re trying to test the userAgent, Chrome has both ‘Chrome’ and ‘Safari’ inside userAgent string. Safari has only ‘Safari’.

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