Old Version of Form for First Record

My app’s URL: rent.northfornow.com

First, some background on my workflow. When I first make something, I never capitalize. It gives me a visual on what I haven’t finalized and still needs proofing. Sooooo…

I noticed that a form for adding a property shows an older version of the form that isn’t capitalized when there are no property records for a row owner. I can add a record and then go back and see my current form with capitalization and an extra field. If I delete the new property record and go back to the form, it’s back to the old non-capitalized version.

This is happening in both Chrome and Safari. I’ve recreated this on two different users. I’ve cleared the cache and still seen this behavior (behaviour for those back in the old country). I’ve also tried renaming the fields and reordering them to force an update, but nothing.

Any ideas if this is a feature that I missed, or if I’m causing this to happen somehow?

Here are a couple of screenshots:

Can you elaborate more on what “capitalize” means in this context, I’m having a hard time understanding what’s the problem here. Thank you.

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Yes, I see that I wasn’t that clear. I’m referring to capitalizing the field titles. For example, the first screen shot of the older version of the form has “property name” as the title of the first field, while the second shows “Property Name”. I did not capitalize the field titles when I first built the form, but I did capitalize them after a while as I was proofing the app. This is how I know that it is an older version of the form. I hope that helps.

I just made a test.

I suspect 2 cases:

  • You have 2 forms with conditional visibility conditions.

  • You have only 1 form but there are multiple fields with visibility conditions.

Can you confirm if your case falls into one of these?

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Isn’t it always the simplest answer that solves almost all of the problems? I had a suspicion that this was user error, and you confirmed it from across the internet. :slight_smile:

I have a second form button that I couldn’t see because of conditional visibility. And, I think it hasn’t seen the light of day for a long time.

I hope this thread helps others remember that it’s probably something very simple, and it’s probably happening because of something you did. :wink:

@ThinhDinh thanks a bunch for your help!

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:wink: Glad it helped.