Duplicate Rows Being Created

I have run into a really strange problem.

For some reason, forms on my application are now creating two records whenever I add a new record. I’m not doing anything special, literally logic to just create a record, and yet it keeps happening. What’s odd is that it seems to have started after I enabled Public Sign In, but I can’t be 100% sure that was the cause.

Please help!

Is this a form? Did you add an Add Row action on submit? If so, it’s redundant because a form already adds a row.

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Hi Jeff, No I don’t have any additional On Submit action, screenshots here of a form and logic.

But your screen shot shows that you do :slight_smile:
Delete that action in your screen shot. As Jeff mentioned, it’s redundant.


Forms inherently add rows on their own. That’s the whole purpose of a form.

I see it now, I needed to use ‘Set Columns’ action to do what I wanted to do. Thanks for help!

You shouldn’t need to use any sort of additional actions if I understand what you are attempting to do.

Everything you need should be available as Edit Components, Screen Columns, User Profile Columns, Special Value components. Just add the components you need from the components list in the lower left corner of the editor. The Date and Owner values would be in the ‘Special Values’ section of the components list.

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Nice… even I had the same problem… time saved