Preventing Duplicate Record Submission

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently seeking guidance on implementing a method to validate a table for duplicate entries based on names or emails. My objective is to trigger an error message and prevent form submission when duplicates are detected, thus ensuring record uniqueness. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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@nathanaelb Thank you. It took me a while but I believe to have it working now.

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@nathanaelb. @Darren_Murphy, I go this to work it the exception of matching the Upper and lower cases. So for example, if I enter and is there in all lower cases, it works. But if I enter or it will not work.

Do you know how I can make this work?

There should be a column type to make all text lowercase. Then compare the lowercase versions.

@Jeff_Hager, So I tried that but the problem is that the input text field does not have a way to convert the text while comparing it. So the data in the field are all in lower cases but if the user enter an Upper case “B” it does not convert to lowercase “b”.

You are using a custom form, correct? If so, regardless if the user is typing in uppercase or lowercase, you should have a lowercase column that is converting that input to lowercase, and that is the column you should be using for your compares.

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