Number Field (Thousand / Million / Billion Separator) Needed

When is Glide going to support “thousand” and “million” / “billion” separators…for numeric field data entries…?

Users in application are frustrated putting in a number in such as 400000 and not knowing if they entered 40,000 / 400,000 or 4,000,000.

Additionally would be helpful to have option for that field to have a currency association option e.g. $40,000 / $400,000 or $4,000,000.

For your $ issue, you can make $ as the default value so they just have to enter their number.

You can also use an ITE to said if number field doesnt include $, add $

Thanks for replying Joe. Would this address the thousands and millions separator comma need…? Readability of large numbers is the biggest hassle factor…

Not that I know of.

A hacky thing you could do is have a Math Column that converts the number entry to a number with commas and just display that under the entry component to give users an indicator

Hoping this is something that can be addressed by Glide’s development team. Your solution would work but it wouldn’t be clean and elegant like much of the functionality within Glide is. Also, users are used to seeing this in any app they use and similarly phone number formats that aren’t 10 digit strings with no area code - prefix - suffix separation.