Can we put seperation ' into numbers?

Hello, i have a quick question, can we put seperation text into a number ? Like number 1 000, i want see 1’000, or 12’000 etc…

Thank you !

Did you try using the native separator via the number column in the data editor?

Yes the native seperation it’s a space between numbers, it’s good but our client want a ’ into numbers.

oh okay, i see…that a bit above my skillset for now but i am confident some of our geniuses on this platform will be able to assist. Just hang in there

Hola @Carter

I suppose your client wants this:

If so, the steps are:

  1. Convert your Number (using the group separator) to Text via a Template column.
  2. Create a new Template column using your previous Template column as source and replace each “.” with an " ’ "


This should be enough to make your client happier! :wink:


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Notice that the column “Number with new format” (with the new separator) should probably only be used for display purposes, not for math.

I’ll quote Mark on this: “The number column is a number. The template column is text. Glide tries its best to parse it as a number, but sometimes it gets it wrong.”

So once a number has gone through the template column, one cannot use the output reliably for math. If you do, check the results carefully. I’ve done a few tests and the results are false with math beyond the template column if the precision in the very first number column is 1 (so set precision to 1.0 or higher). Also, the separator will revert to the usual separator, so really changing the separator should be the very last step before display.


Worth noting that this won’t work for all users in all countries. There are a few different ways to represent a large number. Some countries use commas, some use periods, some use spaces, and some use a combination of all 3.

This is something that I prefer not to try and mess around with. Just leave it to the user to configure their device so it’s displayed as per their personal preference.


Well, the warning must be:

  • Only to be used for display purposes
  • Only for integer numbers (no decimals)
  • The number has a group separator
  • The group separator can be: “,” or “.” or " "
  • You have to replace each “,” or “.” or " " with " ’ " in your template

can we celebrate the agreement with a :pizza: :pizza:?? :wink:

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:point_up_2: I think this is the most important piece of information.

Changing the group separator by hand feels extremely hacky and you are looking for trouble. I wouldn’t do it. It’ll probably break eventually and your client will have much worse to complain about.

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Thanks all, i think the better option it’s not use it, and for me (switzerland) it’s not working so…

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