🌈 Now Available: "Generate Image" column for unique images per row!



Ummmm, what is this for dummies like me? :eyes:

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Say users haven’t uploaded a profile image yet. You can do an if-then to display either their image (if uploaded) or this image (unique per user). Then use the if-then column as the default value for profile images.

I discuss this more here:


Daily struggle for sure - seriously this will be great. Just today thinking about how to assign a random image for users as default. Thanks! :grin:

Beauty!! Great for tile backgrounds too!


Ah…so true!

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Nice use case!

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It’s live …


Thanks, will have a ‘play’ around with this later

  1. Can it be static , not dynamic like now?

  2. Bug. In glide (from PC) with circle shaped Tiles it have small cut area on top part.

  3. Bug. When I open the same app from phone it shows generated images in square shape.


  1. If the From value is a static value, all images should be the same, minus the subtle animation.

  2. Is the cutoff portion only in the app emulator in the builder, or does it do it when you are visiting the published url. There is a little bit of scaling going on in the emulator, so some pixels are lost. You could try adjusting the zoom in the browser.

  3. Make sure you have force closed and reopened the app on the phone so it has the latest design changes.

  1. Could it be as an option in column properties to show image without animation?

  2. In published app I have other bug from 3. so I cant see any cutoff with square shapes )))

  3. I did it many times, still have square generated images in circle shape tiles mode

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Using this, I need plain background colors to use as tile backgrounds instead of the current images. Any workaround?

Perhaps you can upload plain images yourself and then use random value to populate them into the tiles…I don’t think there’s a workaround to make the generated images plain…

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Use this link and then change the hex code & width/height to your desired background color. Also works well dynamically with an if/then or hex codes as a column value:


Place this link as a template column and then it will populate on every row.


Thanks @Deena and @Robert_Petitto for the same.

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