Notifications with direct link to action

How do I send a notification email through Zapier for a specific event in the app but that has the link on the email to that event. I have the notifications email set up but would like to include the direct link to the event in the email’s text.

Can all of this be done with Whatsapp? Can my phone number send Whatsapp notifications to other users each time an event occurs?

If you are looking to create the screen link from the backend so this won’t be applicable unfortunately

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If you have RowID’s in your table, then you could do something like creating a custom action on the event list, so when you click on an event, it will first use a Set Column action to write the Deep Link (Link to current screen) to a column in your table. Then you can follow that with a Show Detail Screen action.

That way, you will have a link to that event, so when your Zap runs, it can include the deep link in the email.


Thank you! Do you know if this notification can be sent to the user also with Whatsapp?

I’m not familiar with Whatsapp, so I don’t know how that would be configured. I think there are a few posts in the forum if you do a search.

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One of the ways is to configure automatic WhatsApp messages through Twilio, but you have to go through their painful verification process, which took 1 week for one of my clients.

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