Send current screen link via email

Hi All,


Client open a new call (add row with his email)

After that, he/she is going inside the row to change the email subject and description.

Then pressing send which should send description + current link of the call

My idea which is not working:

By pressing send first there is a set column (time + deep link of the call)
Then the body of the mail is a template of description + the deep link

But when I send the mail it won’t show in the body of the mail the link.

Thank you so much in advance

You should do a webhook and handle the email step inside Zapier/Integromat.

I did something like that just this week in a HTML template to add a button to the email, I’m sure that’s doable.

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But how can I bring the link to a cell in the row?

If you only need that to appear in the email then you include it as a value in the webhook.

If you need to set that to a column then add another set column action in your action chain.

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